The Little Duck’s Brave Flight

In a peaceful pond, surrounded by green fields and a warm sun, there lived a family of ducks. Among them was a small, curious duckling named Dolly. Dolly had always dreamed of flying high in the sky like the other birds.

One day, Dolly asked her mother, “Mom, when will I learn to fly like you and爸爸?”

Her mother replied gently, “Soon, Dolly. First, you must grow strong and practice your wings.”

Dolly was eager to start. She waddled to the edge of the pond and looked up at the sky. “I’m ready to try now!” she quacked excitedly.

“Be patient, little one,” her father advised. “You must wait until your wings are ready.”

As the days passed, Dolly watched her brothers and sisters take their first flights. She felt a little left out and wanted to fly more than ever.

One sunny morning, Dolly decided she would try again. She flapped her wings as hard as she could and ran towards the water. To her surprise, her feet left the ground, and she was flying!

“Look, I’m flying!” Dolly called out to her family.

Her mother and father swam towards her, beaming with pride. “Well done, Dolly!” they cheered.

Dolly was overjoyed and wanted to fly even higher. She flapped her wings and soared up into the sky, higher and higher. She saw beautiful birds and fluffy clouds, and it was everything she had dreamed of.

However, the sun began to set, and Dolly realized she was far from home. She started to feel scared and unsure of how to get back.

Just then, a wise old owl hooted from a nearby tree. “Little duck, do not worry. The stars will guide you home, and your family will be waiting.”

With the owl’s encouragement, Dolly looked up at the stars and found her way back to the pond. Her family welcomed her with open wings, and she felt brave and proud.

As they swam together under the stars, Dolly’s mother said, “You did well today, Dolly. You were brave and followed your dreams, but always remember to be careful and ask for help when you need it.”

The story of the little duck’s brave flight teaches us that with courage and determination, we can achieve our dreams. It’s important to be brave, but it’s also important to know when to ask for help and to listen to the wisdom of others. Remember, children, that it’s okay to dream big, but always be safe and reach out to your loved ones when you need guidance. They will always be there to support you.

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